Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest. You can contact use via Contact page form here.

If you represent a business that behind bot or technology listed on our website you can claim it and become the owner of the listing. To do that use “Claim” link next to the listing name.

How to claim your listing

How to claim your listing. Click to the image to enlarge.

Absolutely, we accept listings that of relevant bots and technologies. Moreover, the listings are free at the moment.

You don’t have to be an owner to list something.

Bot Directory is created with a goal to be comprehensive source of information about bots (short for of ‘robots’)  – computer programs that can run automated tasks. It can be very simple like a bot that scraps price of certain product price from single website on daily basis or very complex system that acts almost like human. Think about artificial intellect that powers robots in Sci-Fi movies. It can be advisor/concierge/virtual assistant app like Siri or Google Now or a robot trading on financial markets.

We target to list both final products – bots that are doing particular tasks and technologies and tools that facilitate creation of bots.

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