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Pandorabots is a platform that allows to create chatbots for different purposes (virtual assistants, command and control, scripting engines, work with messaging apps like Facebook or Slack).

At April 2016 Pandorabots claims to have:

  • 225 K+ Developers
  • 285 K+ Chatbots Created
  • 3 B+ Interactions

Pandora is a webservice, so the bots the bots created use system API to operate. Pandora self-name is “Artificial Intelligence as a Service“, it provides a RESTful API for integrating artificially intelligent chatbots into applications.

Main features:

  • Custom – you can build bots for any project and vertical
  • Extensive content libraries
  • Learning capabilities
  • Speech interface
  • Deployable via API
  • Multilingual
  • Development tools are free
  • Huge community (over 225,000 developers)


  • Address 5940 College Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94618

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