At Inbenta, we help companies instantly answer questions from web users and employees thanks to #AI || #AI chatbots #dynamicFAQ #NLP
We leverage omnichannel strategy with natural language entry points: a real difference for your customer experience.

The success of your omnichannel strategy requires you to take a step back from the bot as an interface, and identify all the necessary architecture and technological building blocks.
As for a human, interfaces (eyes, ears, mouth…) are nothing without intelligence (the brain)! One should not be seduced only by the most visible facet!

Inbenta’s technology includes :

  • Conversation interfaces
  • Bidirectional voice-to-text transfer
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing). Using automatic Natural Language Processing technology (NLP), the engine analyzes user formulations and parses them into elementary units.
  • The Lexicon ensures the understanding of the meaning according to the language, the sector of activity and the company.
  • The Dialog Manager orchestrates the conversation flow according to the user experience and the context.
  • The knowledge base groups together question and answer content by pairs. It also declines the answer according to the profile of the interface in order to adapt to the channel used.
  • Integration with third-party tools ensures synergy between all customer interaction points, including physical ones. It also allows actions to be carried out according to the requests received.


The Inbenta difference

  • Easy to get started
  • Understands meaning
  • Integrates beautifully
  • Extensive APIs & SDKs
  • Deploy across channels
  • Multilingual support


Are you considering a bot project? Our experts are here to assist you!

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