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It is with great pleasure, after months of research and hard work, to announce the launch of Qwazou – a bot that helps people discover all the bots on Facebook Messenger. The impetus for creating Qwazou is the lack of discoverability and bot store for the 34,000 bots that have been deployed. We also feel that empowering people to discover other bots while in a bot experience is much more intuitive and a more natural search flow than existing solutions in the market.

With Qwazou, users can peruse bots by category, view top rated bots, curated by other users or search for bots using keywords. Other key features include:

· Subscribe to bot updates
· Submit a bot
· Chat with a bot
· Read reviews
· Write reviews
· Rate a bot
· Favorite a bot

Please take the time to try out Qwazou for yourself here (

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