Consultants, doctors, accountants, lawyers, advisors, call centers, golf coaches, fitness trainers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, judges, chefs, animal adoption shelters, spiritual gurus, guides and mediums, school teachers, every person in each of these professions have their own approach and their own secret source.

While each is different, all knowledge workers have something in common despite their domain of practice. On a daily basis what they do is share information, collect information, analyze data, identify problems, perform diagnostics and provide solutions. The same dance every day. Different people, different places, the same conversations, over and over. Do not forget to smile. enable experts to shed the repetitive and mundane aspects of their jobs, freeing their time to focus on the exciting, the creative, and the fun part of knowledge.

Automate your knowledge today for free*. Sell it if you wish. Share it with a small group of people. Share it with the world. Or use it only for yourself.

No technical background needed. If you can understand if then else but unless when then you, be able to do addition and subtraction, you should be okay. If not, a few hours is all you need to get going.

* Terms and conditions apply. Fees for commercial constructs and organization memberships apply.

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