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Depop Bot - Refresh & Grow on Depop

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A depop bot that helps depop sellers refresh/bump their listings to the top of search

Depop Bot Features:
- Follow/unfollow users on Depop
- Refresh Listings on Depop
- Send Messages to people who like similar products
- Send Messages to people who follow you
- Send Messages to a depop user
- Follow Users Followers
- Follow Buyers
- Message Buyers
- Message Recent Likers
- Re-list item
- Follow Reviewers
- Blacklist Following
- Follow Users Following
- Follow Product Likers
- Restore Layout/Rearrange & Save Layout
- Schedule Refresh/Automatically Refresh your listings 
- Like all user products
- Calculate profit/fees with the depop fee calculator
- Unfollow your following list
- Whitelist people before mass unfollowing

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