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We are proud to be the only bot that combines automation with rich Poshmark data. Compared to other bots, we specialize in getting your listings in front of many buyers.
PoshMarvel will get you more followers in a week than you could ever do in a month. Run our sharing tools for a week, see it for yourself.

Are you tired of sharing all day long to get sales? Instead of manually sharing every single listing, PoshMarvel will help you share your closet all at once, saving you valuable time to do things you love!
Stop wasting your valuable time doing the tedious tasks of sharing and following.

Are you using a virtual assistant? Hiring a VA to share your closet is expensive, costs more than $100 per month not to mention the security breach risks.
Unlike a VA, PoshMarvel runs from a browser. We never ask your Poshmark password. Save hundreds by firing your virtual assistant who is most likely using a bot anyways!
Try PoshMarvel for free and see how much more effective it is than working with a VA.

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